Worship 101







Worship 101 happens every Thursday night during term time at 10.30pm.

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To encourage each other and offer an insight into the ethos behind Worship 101, we are inviting some of those who come regularly to share their experiences. These blog posts are their stories, in their own words.


We Are Not Our Own

Our society tells us we must look happy and act busy. It tells us that only the weak struggle with doubt, insecurity and lack of confidence. We are drilled to be very aware of how we present ourselves and what others will think of us. Everything comes down to what we decide to do and […]

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Breakthrough at Worship 101

Worship 101 has been a crucial part of my walk with Jesus. I became a Christian at Uni where I studied music, and so having a place where I could go and sing to the one I now know and love more than anything was really quite special. It has been a place where I […]

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Unleashing the Power of Prayer

When we pray, we must remember who we are and whom we are addressing. Prayer is a humble mans request that without God, we are utterly helpless. It’s the cry of a fallen man to a righteous God seeking his face. Prayer is the beginning of an intimate relationship with a spiritual being. So when […]

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