Unleashing the Power of Prayer

Richard Lyttle

When we pray, we must remember who we are and whom we are addressing. Prayer is a humble mans request that without God, we are utterly helpless. It’s the cry of a fallen man to a righteous God seeking his face. Prayer is the beginning of an intimate relationship with a spiritual being. So when we pray, things happen; should we be surprised? No, for the ultimate supreme being of this universe is working his divine power.

Prayer for me, and many others is the greatest gift in life. Have you ever reflected on the fact that God granted us communication with him? He listens to our prayers. He even goes as far to answer them.

I lead up the prayer team on a Thursday at Worship 101. Here we are constantly interceding over the whole night, praying for Gods protection over the night, praying that a sinner’s mind would be reconciled with a heavenly God. We are praying that you would experience breakthrough, we are praying that God would bring healing, we are praying that you would experience the presence of God throughout your life and ultimately that you would submit to the fathers will.

So prayer for us is not just about healing, although at another time I will share stories of that. Prayer, at its core, is asking God to protect us, protect our souls from being mislead, asking God to seal our hearts from the devil’s scheme and to allow our hearts to be Christ-centered in our worship.

1 Chronicles 16:11 “Look to the lord and his strength; seek his face always”.

Being a Christian without prayer is like being a human without water. The two just don’t go without the other. To be a Christian you need prayer, you need a spiritual connection with your heavenly father. You need God to transform your heart and you need to seek his face.

In my deepest darkest moments what helped me survive was prayer. It was looking at God and seeing his strength that got me through. Prayer is for God. A God who can heal the broken heart and heal the broken soul. Never underestimate the power of prayer and never undervalue praying over your events. Cover everything in prayer, that way your hearts will be aligned and know who is in control of the night. Prayer is not always asking, it’s a longing of the soul. So what is unleashing the power for the human soul? Prayer! And as 1 Thessalonians 5:17 teaches, never cease praying.


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