Seeing God Through Worship

Caitlin Cousins

I found my Father through worship. He had been behind me for my entire life but once I let Him lead, everything started to make sense and from that point I’ve tried to celebrate every opportunity to worship Him and praise His Holy name. 101 is an amazing opportunity to do this!

There’s something so liberating about standing in a room with 350 other people proclaming the glory of God. To celebrate His goodness and soveringty. To give Him all of our hopes and fears knowing that he has already planned how everyhing is going to turn out even if we can’t see it.

Life can be difficult, especially as a student. We’re constantly bombarded with questions of what the future holds, what our plans are, and how we’re going make something of ourselves, but coming to Worship 101 we can communally set those aside as we rejoice in the gifts and talents that God has gifted to everyone and be expenactant as we learn to see how He uses those to further His kingdom. Earth isn’t our home and as we gather in community together we get to see a glimpse of Heaven, that one day we will all rejoice constantly, celebrating our Saviour as He reigns forever.

Being part of both the worship team and prayer team over the last two years has allowed me to see different aspects of how God is working in peoples’ lives. To be constantly encouraged that He moves and that He saves! To see his goodness, in people becoming filled with His spirit and an overflowing joy. To see poeple walk in feeling low and burdened, and through giving it all to Him, leaving refreshed and renewed. To see people return to faith and come to it for the first time. To pray with and over people as they call to God for help or for thanksgiving.

God moves in this place.

Be encouraged even if you can’t see it. We’re all part of His plan. His kingdom is being furthered through you.

1 Thessalonians 4:13 – “Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Jesus Christ for you.”



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