Seeing God Move

Zoe Cummings

Worship 101 is simply a place where 300 students worship God and have banter! For some people this might be all they see 101 as, but for me it is so much more! Worship 101 has been a community for me in the last 3 years. It is a place I go to knowing that the presence of God will be flowing out of! It’s a place of freedom, joy, refreshment and much much more!

I have had the privilege of being a part of the prayer team at different stages in the past 3 years at worship 101. This was a place I got to serve, listen to God and worship him all at the same time. God has been changing 101 slowly but in life changing ways. How you may ask? Well, the first time I noticed this was through the introduction of prayer ministry. 3 years ago the team decided to introduce the 101 community to prayer ministry and it took weeks for anyone to be brave and come forward to prayer. I still remember the praise we gave to God after having the privilege to pray for that one person. Since then the prayer team are used nearly every week, they are normal people allowing God to use them in mighty ways.

The second way I have seen God move is through the music.  The overall experience of 300+ people worshiping God in their way can seriously impact you if you let it.  God continues to transfer change and blow my mind when I worship at 101.  Sometimes I like to stand at the back and watch people engage with God in their own personal way – it overwhelms me with joy.

The third and final way I have seen God move is through the constant change of people who attend 101.  God is building is kingdom on our campus and He will use us if we let him.  God has encouraged people to bring their friends to 101. And over the years many have given their life to God so Go Jesus!!

Finally, I would just like to finish by saying if you just attend 101 and don’t see what else is going on, remember God is and has been at work. So next time you are at 101 ask Him what He is doing and can you be a part of His work.




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