QUB Exam Prayer Support – January 2011

Hi there, trusting you all had a good Christmas and a peaceful New Year

This requires a little bit of urgent attention cos we realise some exams have started already.

We thought it might be helpful to try and form some kind of online exam prayer support forum during this season of joy!

So here is the idea…. it’s quite simple really.

Add a comment to this blog and give your name (first name will do) and dates/subjects. You can leave as much or as little detail as you want. Check back regularly to see the details others have posted… pray for others as they are praying for you.

All the best!

John, Barry & Carolyn

(Chaplaincy Staff Team)

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  1. Hiya,
    the first year medics have their exams on the following dates:

    1. Genes Molecules and Processes (GMP): 10th Jan 9.30am

    2. Cells, Tissues and Organs (CTO) Practical: 12th Jan (Staggered timings from 9.05-1.05pm)

    3. CTO Paper: 14th Jan 9.30am

    4. Systems, People and Populations (SPP): 17th Jan 9.30am.

    cheers and all the best to everyone else as well! ^^

  2. Please pray for Nicki and her family. Her Granda passed away last night (Saturday), the family have been sitting with him for some days. She is due to have exams on Tues 11th, Tues 13th and Fri 21st.

    Pray for strength and peace, and wisdom over the next couple of days as she makes decisions about whether she should go ahead with sitting the exams at this stage.

  3. dont actually have any exams until may but,

    i’m doing some very difficult chemistry in a project at the moment and have an mid-year interview which contributes to marks. If you could pray for the project, that something useful will become of it.. and the interview because im a little nervous.
    I’ve also got a presentation at the end of jan.

    It’s just it’s a very important year and the project is as important as my finals in may.

  4. fri 14th – methods of applied mathematics
    wed 19th – numerical analysis
    sat 22nd – linear algebra

    really don’t know anywhere near enough for the methods exam this fri!

    thank you

  5. Tues 11 – Psychology 1001 Multiple Choice
    Thurs 13 – 1001 Essay paper (This is the one I’m dreading!)
    Tues 18 – Myths in Popular Psychology (Haven’t started revising for this at all yet lol)

    Thank you! 🙂

  6. Me and Kayleigh have a presentation on thurs 13th between 10 and 12 then a building technology exam on the 21st at 9:30-11:30. We also have an essay to hand in on the 18th.

  7. I had exams on th 17th Dec, 11th Jan, today and one tomorrow. I would extremely appreciate prayers that everything went ok in the ones I have already had and prayers for help in the one I have left. Thanks to everyone…

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