Chaplaincy Redevelopment Project

What We Have, We Grow

Since the 1950s, the Church of Ireland, and subsequently the Methodist Church, have had physical chaplaincies on Elmwood Avenue. Situated right at the heart of Queen’s University’s campus, they serve not only as homes to Christian community, but as a base for outreach to the whole student body.

But sixty years and thousands of students means a lot of wear and tear. Our vision is to address the critical needs of our buildings now, with an eye to securing the current ministry for generations to come.

So what are we doing about it?

We have developed a four year project to raise the funds and carry out identified works to the six Victorian houses that make up the Church of Ireland & Methodist Chaplaincy. These include needs like reroofing, repairing windows, replacing electrical and plumbing services, as well as improving some of the bathroom and kitchen facilities.

These works will be carried out in three phases during the summer months of 2016-2018, meaning that there should be no interruption to term-time ministry on campus.

Thermometer_£451kWhat about fundraising?

The current project budget is estimated at £840,000.

We have already received generous grants from the Church of Ireland’s Representative Church Body, the Methodist Church’s Home Mission Department, the Joseph Rank Trust, and the COI Priorities Fund. The total amount committed is £451,000.

Thanks to this, Phase 1 of the project will begin in June 2016.

What next?

We aim to raise the remaining funds by 2020, to complete the project.

Our hope is to combine commitments from funders with standing order pledges from former students and friends of the chaplaincy. Could you help us? Watch this space!