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Student Accommodation

The Hub aims to be a community for all: for the students who live in the Church of Ireland and Methodist chaplaincy; for people looking for somewhere comfortable to hang out; and for a whole host of folk who have previously come to church or lived in the area.

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How It Works

Situated in the heart of Queens University campus there is  accommodation for up to 50 residents across the houses owned by the Church of Ireland and Methodist Churches.

From mid-September to early June these rooms are occupied by University Students. We place a high value on the sense of community in living together, sharing meals, social activities, and a wide range of activities centred on exploring the Christian faith together. Over the years students from the centre have travelled far and wide together on Easter and Summer outreach teams, whilst during each year many of the activities are student led.

Each house has a House Warden whose role it is to try and ensure that everyone gets along, pays the cooking bills, provides food that is edible, and clears up afterwards!

The Student Committee is elected by the students in residence to plan social events for students in residence and non-residential students alike.

Many students spend at least two years of their time at University living in the centre, and whilst we are not perfect, for most it is one of the most formative times of their lives.


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Room Rates

For the 2017/18 year, the student fees (per person), are timetabled as follows:

Due 25/09/17 Due 08/01/18 Due 16/04/18
Single Room £1,390 £1,000 £1,000
Shared (Twin) Room £1,190 £900 £900


Included in the fees are some small extras: mainly, the cost of the famous (!) Centre Weekend in October, and the cost of student milk for the year (we buy all your milk for you, to save precious fridge space!)

Fees cover a 36 week period (plus two free weeks at Christmas, when we are closed).

What are the rooms like?

The chaplaincy is based across six large Victorian townhouses, and one of the great things about this is that our single and twin rooms come in all shapes and sizes! However, each student room is guaranteed to come with things you need like a bed, desk, sink, and chairs.

Rooms are allocated by the chaplain at the start of the year, and first year students, in particular, are strongly encouraged to try sharing a twin room – not just because they’re often very big rooms (many are the width of a whole house), but because feedback from other students about sharing, and the support and help it brings, is overwhelmingly positive.

We do not have en suite bathrooms, but each house has several shared bathrooms. Our staff clean each kitchen and bathroom several times a week, but students are expected to keep their own rooms in a good state.

Each house has communal kitchen and dining rooms, and the students in each house cook for each other on a rota basis from Monday-Thursday during term time – which usually means you only have to cook once every three weeks, but are guaranteed a hot meal every night!

Applying to Live in The Hub

Applications for 2018-19 will open in February 2018. The first round of applications will typically offer around 50% of places to current residents and current students; then, the second round offers the other 50% to school leavers.

If you are already interested in living in The Hub for 2018-19, we would strongly encourage you to keep an eye out for the application process opening. In 2016, we received around 50 applications from current students, and 100 applications from new students. Whilst a small number of students may ‘get in’ around the results period in August, in 2016 only 5 offers were made and accepted after the end of May (and all to people on our reserve list – see below).

Whilst preference may be given to those who are applying to study at Queen’s, the residential centre welcomes applications from students intending to study at other institutions across the city, so why not apply – nothing to lose!

Note: we typically make a first round of provisional offers in May. Applications received after this time are usually placed on our reserve list. To find out more about the timeline and important dates involved, see the main application page here.

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