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The difficulty with vision is this…we think we have to set it, when all God wants us to do is live it.

All we seek to express with our lips and lives is the working out in our context the vision of Jesus Christ in asking us to love Him, follow Him, serve Him, and in doing all this to do it also for others.

So our heart is to be a place that looks UP, IN, and OUT. UP in getting a bigger vision of God. IN as we discover how His people are to live. OUT as we live out our faith in the world. This works itself out in lots of different ways and so we hope…

  1. That the accommodation at the Centre would be a place of Christian Living which will build up those living in it and be a witness and open door to those outside.
  2. That the worship of God in the church would be alive, welcoming, relevant and biblical, so that all may find in the Church of the Resurrection a place of Fellowship, Christian community and discipleship.
  3. That we should provide pastoral care for all Church of Ireland and Methodist Students in the University and for others, staff and students, who come our way and other members of the Church of the Resurrection.
  4. That we should be involved in evangelism in the University community, in our land and worldwide and that people should be helped to see the whole of their lives as partners in mission.
  5. That we should be actively open to Christians of other traditions. This applies to openness within the fellowship and also openness as a whole church, to participate in interdenominational ventures.
  6. That we should seek to enable people to think within a Christian perspective about their studies, lifestyles, and about issues of importance in today’s world.
  7. That we might be a place that builds others up to know Christ, to serve Him and to follow Him in whatever context God places them into. We seek to value whole of life discipleship that does not perpetuate the
    sacred/secular divide but sees every arena of living as a context within which to bear witness to a life lived for God.
  8. That the Hub Cafe would be a place of welcome and hospitality for all.