A better imagination

About two years ago I went along to a conference run by Evangelical Alliance in Belfast, called Kingdom Come. It was a great couple of days but in the middle of a whole range of talks, seminars, thoughts and ideas, there was a blink twice moment. Had Rowan Atkinson really appeared on stage at one of my workshops, and why had he changed his name to Mark Greene? Realising pretty quickly that neither Blackadder nor Mr Bean was putting in a personal appearance, I sat captivated as Mark set out some of the thinking of the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity on the problem of the sacred / secular divide. Why is it that we burden the people in the pews with the idea that they only work for God when they volunteer for an activity of the church? Why is it that so many Christians feel as if there is a disconnect between life and faith? Why is it that churches seem so far removed from the challenges of everyday life? Why are churches always struggling to be relevant and engage with culture, when every single bum on a seat lives and moves in that very same sphere every moment of everyday of life? Fast forward a few years and ‘Imagine’ is, we hope, going to captivate our hearts and minds here as we worship in Church and live in community. Here’s a snippet of what Mark, and the LICC, have to say on the problem of living with a sacred / secular divide….


We can’t wait to see what happens when we open up discussion on how the whole of our faith engages with the whole of our lives, and will be tracking this journey right here… Imagine…

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